The Storm

by The JB Conspiracy

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released November 18, 2013



all rights reserved


The JB Conspiracy London, UK


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Track Name: The Escape
Barricade the exit’s ‘cause the wolves are at the door, and so tonight we won’t be safe ‘til we’re locked inside. No time for hesitation, so long procrastination now. Because the wheels are in motion, on with the show somehow. And I’m so tired of running out of places we can hide. The ringing in my ears tell me something’s about to give. (Check your footing cause your time’s up). And I’m so tired of putting on these faces to disguise. The beating in my chest tells me this was supposed to live. (Get it together; make your mind up now). I’m getting tired of the situation, growing bored of your conversation now, I’ve told you once but I hope you know. I’ve made my own predictions, so save the contradictions now. Before our bodies collapse and on to our backs we fall. You won’t be seeing me around ‘cause it’s over now.
As our consciences collide, the consequences will provide a steady hand to take me away...
Track Name: Say Goodbye
So what’s the use? No matter how hard I try. There’s no cutting loose from this hopeless situation when all our hands are tied. As I gaze across the room I know before too long I’ll soon be heading for the door. (So let me out). As these walls become our tomb I know there’ll come a time when I can’t trust you anymore. So we wait for this moment to arrive. Take me out
of here ‘cause I can’t breathe. Asphyxiated by these memories gone by. Make your observations as you leave. Try to escape it but these sedatives inside won’t save me now. Give me time to think. I’ve got so lost along the way. That I’m beginning to sink. Now I’m heading deeper and this summit’s growing steeper as we wait. Look around; there’s nothing left here anymore for you and I. (Just look around). And tell me what we’re supposed to feel as we
say goodbye.
Track Name: Drop Your Anchor
There was a time when the earth stood still for us. And all of the things that we were taught when we were young were nothing more than the notion in our heads, just a voice we used to hear. But it’ll soon be calling out, can’t you hear it? They say everyone around you is moving on without you. (Drop your anchor, drop your anchor). Everyone around you is
moving on without you. (Drop your anchor, drop your anchor). There was a time when it seemed nothing stood in our way. And we were safe; nothing could touch us where we lay. But someone whispered in our ear while we were sleeping, and now I fear I’ll begin to wake now that the dawn is creeping in. Can you feel it? We’ve been trying our best to paddle just to keep this ship afloat. We’re taking on water but we’re never gonna give up hope. Cos when we’re up against the current we’ll be fighting for our lives. Just keep bailing water and somehow we will survive.
So just stay where you are, and we’ll see out the weather tonight. Just stay where you are.
Track Name: Sinking Ships
Do you remember how it all began, this fairytale of perfection? We tried to build this fantasy on picture perfect memories. But as we turned against the grain the imperfections still remain. And so you turned on us and bit by bit took everything we had till there
was nothing left to keep us afloat. Oh what a big surprise you never learnt to compromise, you only ever took your time. Oh what a big surprise, you never opened up your eyes to everything you left behind. But bit by bit we’ll take back all you stole. So how much time will it take to salvage all that we lost? ‘Cause when you fixed your eyes like a snake you didn’t contemplate the cost. Did you ever make your decisions devoid of pride and without condition? Did you ever stop to think or did you just jump ship when we started sinking? And now you’re standing here before me again.
Track Name: Taking Flight
As we’re taking flight I can’t deny the sense of longing to be, of longing to be on solid ground. Free as a bird but trapped like we belong inside a cage, and there’s no one with the grace to let us out. Solid is the ground that sit’s beneath us. Tailor made the contours that we pace. And here we are with no one here to teach us just how to reach this long forgotten place. Keep moving forward and you’ll find that all
the threats are obsolete, relying on the language that we speak. And restore your balance and we’ll climb until there’s nothing left to reach. These barricades are here to teach us how to grow. But as we step inside this world of make believe (can’t shake the feeling that it’s) something that’s just not meant to be. Just remember now we won’t feel a thing as we all
come back to life. And the scars we bear won’t mean a thing; we’ll be smiling as we sail out on towards a common goal. These mere complexities will bring the means that will provide the exultation for the soul. Because we know the answers but we’re struggling to speak (for now). Can’t hear our voices but we’ll crawl from the deep (somehow). We will outrun these apparitions that we fear, the implication of belief becoming clear.
Track Name: The Last Time
Don’t dare to come any closer now. Stand down
we see your disguise. Don’t think for a minute we’re understood, ‘cause when your lips start moving I just keep hearing the lies. And this had better be the last time that I fall for a fake smile. And this had better be the last time that I see your face again. How could you be so criminal? Right here is where we will make a sound so loud it severs the sky. And the fallout will echo for miles around so now you best start moving before we’re taken alive.
Track Name: Wide Awake
Don’t take me down all these forgotten roads. Don’t take me down all these forgotten roads. ‘Cause I’ve been fighting to define where our motions will lead (and what we hope to find) beneath the surface of it all as we strive to believe (before we close our eyes). Just a few simple words out loud is all it takes. Ain’t no use in returning now to old mistakes, we’re wide awake, but save it for the morning. Our eyes are open but we don’t see clearly for all the elements of doubt that stand in our way (that hide us away from the light). Recollections that we hold so dearly, we’ll try to salvage as it all starts falling away (before we return to the night)
Track Name: Whispers
Starts with a whisper resonating from the core of a few lost scattered souls amongst the rubble wanting more. But over time that once faint whisper has now risen to a roar, and with a volume that’s increasing it’s now something you can’t ignore. But when we all speak at once our voice will be heard. It ends with a picture of a time that is no more. Because of what we did in protest way back when we set the score. But now all I’m simply stating is that if I hear the distant chord, I will stand up and be counted
to fight for something worth fighting for. When the dust has settled on this place that we call home, will they know of what took place here, will they know
of how we’ve grown? From this solemn faint last whisper to this band of rumbling cries. We stood fast against these nightmares and pulled the wool from their eyes.
Track Name: Going Up In Smoke
Let’s just pretend, just for a minute things were panning out exactly how we planned. And we’ll try to keep ourselves from falling off the map. Anticipation takes us as we hold our breath ‘cause it’s all going under now. (Sit tight ‘cause this motherfucker’s going down) to a place where they keep the forgotten. (The lost souls sink to the bottom). Sit tight as we burn it to the ground. ‘Cause everywhere I turn it seems I’m followed by the sound of your incandescent voice, telling me softly that we’re falling to our knees. Well
I don’t see this going anywhere. (Give it up; give it
up ‘cause you’re too late). Time is running out but don’t despair. (Say your goodbyes now ‘cause you’re slipping away). I won’t deny it you can take it or leave it. I hope you’re listening, you better believe this now. You might see me crack a smile when it all goes up in smoke. Let’s just pretend, ‘cause since we started building up these walls so high, we don’t see what’s going on before our eyes. Please avert your eyes cause we no longer recognise you. A case of out with the old and in with the new. If your scene can’t progress it’s a dead end street. (Throw it in ‘cause it’s crumbling beneath your feet). And don’t bother holding out but listen up. I’ve got something to say now. (Think I know reasons why you threw this away now). Remember once you aspired to be something more than the face of a dying breed. Left behind,
like the remnants in the tide. Cast aside for the while cause we’re so lost we’re falling to our knees.
Track Name: Ghosts
Set the pace and we’ll leave this crooked place behind. All insecurities and doubts will be discarded by the time we spring to life. And our blood will circulate again. We’ll take the embers from the
sun and on beating wings we will ascend, straight through the clouds that convolute the sky. Sailing on changes in the breeze, just for one moment we will be spectators of the world below. But look no further
as we fall back down to earth. Nobody sees. (No one will advocate these cascading embers from the sky). As we come around we’ll soon begin to feel so defeated but we won’t know why. These adolescent dreams we once believed are now raining down like fire in the sky. But we’ll turn our backs tonight. Set the pace. We’ll march on with credence in our stride and such conviction in our words ‘cause we’ll have nothing left to hide from those around. And over time augmenting cracks begin to show in our design. But we will tonight take back our poise and start to grow towards the light. But when we fall back down to earth no one believes. (No one will apprehend us). No one will stop to break our fall. But our fragments will be carried in the wind. And now we’ve come so far and this feeling will begin to disappear.
(No one will advocate these cascading embers
from the sky)
Track Name: Peace Of Mind
Why can’t I find a shred of peace of mind? These clouds they block out the sun. And as the days go
by I question what’s wrong or right. These words are my only song. He tried to break what can’t be broken. He walked the line he couldn’t cross. He burned his bridges and now he’s falling down. All is lost. Lost in a world that holds no answers to all the questions spinning round his head. Instead of shouting out
he wrote his thoughts down on a page where these words I read. Now that the leaves have finally fallen, you’ll see how bare these branches have become. But don’t you think it’s a little unfair? He climbed the heights and felt there was nothing to break his fall. And this he said...
Track Name: The Storm
Come clean, you’re kidding yourself son you’re not even close. Though you tried so hard you seem so belligerent now. And that feeling’s growing stronger by the hour. And it all seems so familiar as we speak in covenant voices and under our breath. We mutter in whispers to cover the truth. Stay with me just a moment and you’ll see there’ll be no such sign of life, not even a pulse. So baby don’t falter now. I’m bringing you closer now. The perilous roads we take in time will be our saviour. Now I hear your voice calling out. Don’t you think it’s time you heard me now? In spite of all the things we fear. Come clean as soon as the night falls to cover our tracks. Right into the darkness we’ll never look back. And these heartfelt words are empathetic ties, the sheer fabric that consolidates our lives. Now I hear your voice calling out. Don’t you think it’s time you heard me now? As we wander through these streets alone, where demons hide at every turn. We won’t slow down right until the end. We won’t back down to these voices once again. We won’t slow down ‘cause nothing stands in our way.